Flying the flag high: Eurovision entries scale the iTunes charts.

As the 2012 national finals season for the Eurovision Song Contest approaches its final stages, we can see that plenty of Eurovision entries as well as national final entries enter the iTunes chart in their respective countries. Have a look below:

Perhaps the most surprising is the Netherlands, with the Dutch entry You And I by Joan Franka at # 2 (previously #1 last week). The last time a Dutch entry was a commercial hit on home soil was in 2010 with Sieneke’s Ik Ben Verliefd (Sha-la-lie). I suppose John de Mol deserves some credit in drumming up interest in the Eurovision Song Contest again and for making the entry a commercial hit, thus restoring some credibility to the Contest in the eyes of the Dutch public and media as well creating a bit of pride. That still doesn’t exonerate him from hijacking the Nationaal Songfestival and turning it into a ‘The Voice’ after-show.

Another welcome surprise can be seen in the Spanish iTunes chart, with the country’s newly selected Eurovision entry Quédate Conmigo in at #9. This has never happened before, at least in my recollection, to a Spanish entry. It means that the people are getting behind the song and are very proud of it. I think we can expect some really good viewing figures from Spain this year.

Unsurprisingly, we can see Cyprus’ entry La La Love in the Greek chart at #9. No surprises for guessing where Greece’s douze points are going to.

As usual, Sweden’s Melodifestivalen dominates the iTunes chart in the run up to the Finalen i Globen and we can expect this to continue over the next coming weeks as the Swedes turn their attention to Eurovison Song Contest preparations.

A few entries have fallen off the charts but will most likely appear again as the Contest looms closer. These include Norway’s Stay by Tooji and Italy’s Per Sempre by Nina Zilli, which I suspect may return re-incarnated in its Eurovision form.

I have to say, it’s really great to see countries getting behind their entries and turning them into commercial hits as well as worthy showcases of their country’s music heritage, culture and industry. Goes to prove that the Eurovision Song Contest is more commercially relevant than people are prepared to admit.

Nationaal Songfestival 2012 hijacked!

A few days ago, TROS announced the final candidates to compete in the Nationaal Songfestival. Here they are below:

  1. Tim Douwsa – Undercover Lover
  2. Kim De Boer – Children Of The World
  3. Ivan Peroti – Take Me As I Am
  4. Raffaella – Chocolatte
  5. Joan Franka – You And Me
  6. Pearl Jozefzoon – We Can Overcome

As you can see, five of the six candidates are straight out John de Mol’s own show ‘The Voice Of Holland’, the other is from a TROS show.

What happened to all the other amazing entries sent in? Where is Jeronimo’s Sacrifice? Or Tao Hypah’s Play The Girl? Or Brandi Russell’s Drug Of Oblivion? These are all fantastic songs that should have been awarded a place. We expected a few of de Mol’s acts to make the cut but not have all the slots taken up by them.

At-least we’re not the only ones to think so, as this issue is even being taken up at Dutch parliament by Socialist party MP Jasper van Dijk, who has been quoted as saying “This is a John de Mol party, not a party for everyone”.

It’s a crying shame as The Netherlands had the chance to stage one of the most exciting national finals of the season and have a song that will stand a chance at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The only way TROS can redeem themselves is if all the songs turn out to be amazing. Or else we will know that the whole thing is a rigged, political affair that is grossly unfair to all the other artists and composers who must have spent considerable amount of time preparing their entries.

Jeronimo presents potential bid for the Dutch Nationaal Songfestival 2012.

Dutch singer Jeronimo, best known across the low countries for his hit I Am No Superman, has uploaded a preview of the song that has purportedly been submitted to the Dutch selection for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. It’s called Sacrifice and you can listen to it below:

It’s a very modern, catchy affair that instantly sticks in your head on the first listen. I must have played it about 20 times already. My favourite parts are the ‘uoh-woah-uoh-uoh’s. I really like it and, paired with some slick choreography and a great stage show, it could do wonders. Heck, Jeronimo could be the Dutch Eric Saade! I really do hope that Sacrifice was sent in, because the Netherlands need to wake up and realise that they can’t keep sending old-fashioned songs to the Eurovision Song Contest. They need some fresh blood and a contemporary sound flying the flag and Jeronimo is an ideal candidate.

Yes Jeronimo, you are the superman!