Heartaches at Melodi Grand Prix.

Words cannot describe the farce that was the second semi-final of Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix last night. How on earth did Mimi-Oh’s amazing You And I and Rikke Lie’s beautiful Another Heartache not qualify for the Final, but the awful Ola Nordman by Plumbo and Malin’s generic Crush did?! I don’t even remember the other one. What are the Norwegians thinking? That’s two of my favourite songs out of the competition, two songs that could have done really well for Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest. I’m really upset and disappointed by all this. Let’s console ourselves by watching these two fab ladies again:

You And I – Mimi-Oh

 Another Heartache – Rikke Lie

Doesn’t make it hurt any less. Norway has completely lost the plot.