Radio Télévision Suisse announces its shortlisted candidates.

Swizerland’s French language broadcaster, Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS), have revealed the names of the 27 songs that will compete for three spots in Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow 2012. People will have the chance to vote for their favourite songs until 20th October and the top 10 will then move on to the second phase of the contest, where they square off on the Swiss radio show ‘Option Musique’, and three songs will be selected to compete in the televised final.

Amongst the candidates, I am thrilled beyond words to find Wrong To Let You Go by Katherine St-Laurent and Demande-Moi (You Can Ask Me) by Marie-Élaine Thibert and Étienne Drapeau, as they are by and far my favourites. This also means that these two amazing songs have two chances to make it to the final, as they are both still competing on SF’s Eurovision platform as well. As with all things related to SF, it’s getting a bit complicated but as long as Wrong To Let You Go and Demande-Moi (You Can Ask Me) make it, I’ll be happy.

So please VOTE, VOTE, VOTE for these two songs!

Vote for Demande-Moi (You Can Ask Me) by Marie-Élaine Thibert & Étienne Drapeau here.
Vote for Wrong To Let You Go by Katherine St-Laurent here.