Germany has selected its star for Baku… it’s Roman Lob with ‘Standing Still’.

Tonight, the German national final ‘Unser Star für Baku’ came to an exciting and suspenseful climax as the nation rallied to select their representative and song for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. Only two singers, Roman Lob and Ornella de Santis, were left in the running where they each sang three songs, one for each being selected for the epic showdown that was the Super Final.

For Ornella, it was an obvious choice. Quietly was a beautiful, simple song that had a very musical theatre/Disney sound to it. In fact, I thought it drew remarkable parallels to Memory from the musical ‘Cats’. Plus, the song suited her voice way better than the other two.

Performing second was Roman Lob with Standing Still, penned by British singer-songwriter Jamie Cullum. It is a great piece of anthemic adult contemporary pop that suited Roman’s style to a tee and was the song that brought the crowd and jury to its feet. With such a rousing reception, I was 90% sure that Roman Lob would win. I was proven right when, in an exciting last two minutes of voting that saw the jury members pacing and clambering up their seats in nervous anticipation, it was announced that Roman Lob won and will fly the German flag in Baku at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest with Standing Still. Check the German entry below:

Germany 2012: Roman Lob – Standing Still

Despite the semi-finals being a bit lackluster, I can safely say the final of ‘Unser Star für Baku’ was definitely one of the more exciting national finals this season. It also produced yet another worthy contender in this year’s line-up, one that will surely make a splash on stage. At the time of writing, Roman Lob is trending worldwide on Twitter. Pretty exciting stuff and Standing Still is such a great song, so I’m really excited to see it competing at the Eurovision Song Contest.

As one fan eloquently put it, it’s time for us to stop Running Scared and learn to keep Standing Still.