Eric Saade brings our heartbeats back with the release of Saade Vol. 2.

The last day of November saw the release of Eric Saade’s highly anticipated second installment of the Saade anthology, ‘Saade Vol. 2’. Naturally, pop lovers across Europe scrambled to get their copies and I have only just emerged from ASFE HQ to give my verdict.

Personally, there were four stand out tracks for me. The first is lead single Hotter Than Fire. The second is Love Is Callin’. To my ears, it sounds like a more hard-hitting version of Timeless from Saade Vol. 1. I particurlarly like the chorus, divided into three bits and each catchy and infectious in their own right. My favourite song is Backseat. The ice-cool verses combined with a chorus that builds and builds into explosive calls of “back, back, backseat!” make it the best song on the album. In fact, I’d put this on par with It’s Gonna Rain as one of Eric Saade’s best recordings. It’s exactly the sort of mature progression in sound we were expecting.

This sound continues with my other favourite song Fingerprints. It is one of the biggest moments on the album and once the chorus gets going, you can’t help getting swept away and when the “gooooo-oh-oh-oh” bit comes on, there’s no coming back. This is exactly why we love Swedish pop music! Another stand-out track worth mentioning is Rocket Science. This unlikely collaboration with Salem Al Fakir resulted in a pleasant pop song that sees an easy amalgamation of the styles of both these artists. As for the rest of the album, they are all commendable pieces of pop but are cast in the shade of afore-mentioned four songs that essentially define Saade Vol. 2.

Eric Saade & Dev turn up the heat with preview of ‘Hotter Than Fire’.

BOOM! Eric Saade has just gone and ignited the Europop stratosphere with the full-length preview of his highly anticipated single Hotter Than Fire, featuring American rap artist du jour, Dev. Without further ado, turn your speakers up and check it out now!

Eric has gone and taken his sound from ‘Saade Vol. 1’ up another level and is by far the best song he’s ever released. In my opinion, he has the greatest chance of international success with this song. This is exactly the sort of evolution and sound I was expecting from ‘Saade Vol. 2’. Absolutely loving the song!

Eric Saade to release second installment of the ‘Saade’ anthology on 30th November.

Sweden’s golden boy and 2011 Eurovision Song Contest representative Eric Saade has just announced that the release date for ‘Saade Vol. 2’ will be the 30th of November 2011. This is the highly anticipated second installment the ‘Saade’ album anthology which Eric is releasing following his victory at Melodifestivalen 2011. After the success of ‘Saade Vol. 1’, all ears will be turned to Vol. 2 to see what Eric has in store for us. I for one am very much looking forward to this release. And by the way, how cool does the album art look? You can pre-order the album now on here and receive a signed copy.

And in case you’ve been living under a rock and missed out on ‘Saade Vol.1’, check out the review here and then go out and buy it!