The Danish Decision: ‘Should’ve Known Better’ by Soluna Samay to represent Denmark.

This Saturday, the annual Dansk Melodi Grand Prix was held to select the Danish representative at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest and after an exciting, well-produced show, it was Soulna Samay with her soulful song (see what I did there?) Should’ve Known Better that won the right to fly the Danish flag. It was honestly very hard to call it, right down to the end with each song looking and sounding like a winner. Check out the winning entry below:

Composed by distinguished Danish songwriters Remee and Chief 1, the song is a moody little singer-songwriter number, very much in the style of Alanis Morissette. It’s got a very well-crafted melody that gets your attention and Soluna’s performance is very entrancing. Personally, this was my number two to win, my first being Jesper Nohrstedt’s Take Our Hearts. It’s modern Coldplay-meets-Eurodance would have done very well at the Eurovision Song Contest I thought.

Nevertheless, Should’ve Known Better is a worthy winner as well and will no doubt do well for Denmark this year. Although I think they really need to sort out the styling and create a cool, funky street-urban look to complete the vibe of the song.