New Music: ‘Shining Heart’ by Laurentiu Duta & Andreea Banica.

Are you ready for a brand new summer hit fresh out of Romania? Then look no further than Shining Heart, a hypnotic song that promises wild parties and steamy summer nights. Acclaimed Romanian producer Laurentiu Duta is stepping out from the studio and into the limelight for the first time as a recording artist with this track. Laurentiu is well-known as one of the country’s biggest composers, having worked with stars like Andreea Banica and Elena Gheorghe as well as being the man behind Romania’s 2009 Eurovision Song Contest entry The Balkan Girls.

With Shining Heart, Laurentiu will be fronting his own music for the first time and to great effect. However, he is not alone as Andreea Banica is on guest vocals to make a great song even greater.

The song is iconic Romanian dance pop that is both mesmerizing and hard-hitting. However, apart from Laurentiu’s silvery soft vocals, my favourite part of the song is the chorus that sees Andreea channel German group ATC with a deceptively simple but instantly catchy, sing-along hook. I believe the combination of old and new europop serves as a wonderful celebration and homage to the genre and it is easy to see why Laurentiu Duta is such an acclaimed name.