The Poshest Plumage: Introducing the Eurovision Song Birds.

Well-known Swedish newspaper Metro have just launched a really cool advertising campaign celebrating the Melodifestivalen and their partnership with Sweden’s biggest music/television event. It’s a really cool concept! They’ve taken typical music genres performed on the Melodifestivalen stage and personified them as song birds.These include everything from dansband, to schlager, to electropop. I reckon this is a nod to the iconic Melodifestivalen trophy ‘The Great Song Bird’. Known as the ‘Eurovision Song Birds’, they form part of a fun, engaging and humorous campaign in the run up to the Finalen in Globen.

Check out the entire campaign here.

There are some amazing illustrations of different species of birds taking on the characteristics of Mello music as well as iconic Swedish singers. See if you can spot which one is Kikki Danielsson, Alexander Bard, Carola, Roger Pontare, Lena Philipsson and Eric Saade.