Skjulte Stjerner calls up a friend in London.

One of the hottest entertainment programmes heating up screens in Denmark at the moment is DR’s ‘Skjulte Stjerner’, or ‘Hidden Stars’. The show sees well-known Danish singers paired up with their ideal duet partners and square off in weekly competitions to see who performs the best duet. We’re already three weeks in and already one pair have established themselves as the one to beat. One half is Tim Schou, lead singer of the band A Friend In London who represented Denmark at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, placing 5th with the song New Tomorrow. The other half is über talented 13 year old Thomas, son of well-known singer Gry, who represented Denmark at the 1983 Eurovision Song Contest.

Over the past three weeks, Thomas and Tim wowed the nation with their unique duets and outstanding vocals. This week, it all came to a head as the pair performed a lovely piano version of New Tomorrow, and a house version of A Friend In London’s new song Calling A Friend. Check out the video below:

In the previous two weeks, Thomas and Tim performed Katy Perry’s Fireworks and a mashup of Dirty Dancing’s The Time Of My Life with Justin Beiber’s Baby. Thomas is clearly the star of the show, with his amazingly polished and powerful vocals that bely a talent and maturity well beyond the tender age of 13. Definitely looking forward to the next episode!