Tone Damli & Eric Saade ‘Imagine’ what love with a perfect view could have been.

It’s a match made in Scandinavian pop heaven. Norwegian songstress Tone Damli has teamed up with Swedish heartthrob Eric Saade on a brand new track that is to be featured on Tone’s upcoming album ‘Looking Back’. Entitled Imagine, it is a gloriously uplifting, electro-tinged duet that speaks of regrets in a lost love. Everything about this song, from start to finish, to the chorus and production, to Tone & Eric’s voices that seem to flawlessly meld together, is pure pop perfection. Imagine has been composed by Eric Saade, along with Jason Gill, J-Son and Leslie Tay.

Absolutely brilliant. Tone has also perviously released another song Look Back, which I wrote about here. Now we have an album to look forward to that is sort of a Greatest Hits affair, recounting all the highlights of Tone’s stellar career. It will also include some new songs, which we are eagerly awaiting if Look Back and Imagine are anything to go by.

New Music: ‘Look Back’ by Tone Damli.

Norwegian pop siren Tone Damli has just released a delightful new single Look Back. Taking off where Crazy Cool left off, this superbly-crafted pop song has got the most charming, catchy chorus ever.

Tone’s voice just soars and takes the listener along for the ride. And she’s swept along all of Norway as well, with Look Back taking the #1 spot on Norwegian iTunes. Check out the song below:

Good luck getting that chorus out of your head!