The Eurovision Bubble: Hearts In The Air!

Eric Saade expresses his Eurovison Song Contest experience in song.

Here’s another installment of ‘The Eurovision Bubble’, this time about Eric Saade’s new single Hearts In The Air. It occurred to me that this song is a perfect anthem for the Eurovision Song Contest and its fans, as it encourages everyone to enjoy life, ignore the haters, do what they want to do and put their (flag)hearts in the air.

The Eurovision Bubble: Sweden’s Rehearsals

Apparently, Eric Saade is having a spot of trouble with his glass cage 🙂

Introducing my new series of Eurovision comics, entitled ‘The Eurovision Bubble’, a fun, satirical look at life in the Eurovision Song Contest. This is my first foray into drawing comics, so I really hope you enjoy these and hopefully, there will be loads more to come