About ASFE

‘A Song For Europe’ is a blog that chronicles my love (bordering on obsession) for the spectacle that is the Eurovision Song Contest, as well as pop music from all over Europe with a dash of culture thrown in as well. But ASFE is not just news and music. In addition to complementing the fine job my fellow Eurovision bloggers do, I run a number of other sections and features that will hopefully enhance the Eurovision community’s online antics. Here’s a quick rundown on what makes ASFE tick:

The Eurovision Bubble – As an art director by profession, I love to sketch and draw. So it was no surprise that one day I found myself drawing a series of comics inspired by our favourite TV show. Named after the state of mind we are all in year round, ‘The Eurovision Bubble’ provides a humorous, satirical insight into the Eurovision Song Contest, its participants and of course its fans.

Bon Appétit! – This section was born out a combination of my two great passions: cooking and the Eurovision Song Contest. In ‘Bon Appétit!’, I create new, unique culinary treats that are inspired by the Eurovision Song Contest that will have everyone’s mouths watering at your next Eurovision Grand Final Party. Of course, the recipes are included so everyone can have a go.

Album Art – I really enjoy redesigning album art and giving it a new artistic twist. Its an enjoyable pastime of mine and often, a necessary one in cases wherein the original album art is no where near as good as the song/album. I’ve been doing it for a while, particularly for Eurovision Song Contest entries and I’ve decided to post them up on the blog so no Eurofan’s Cover Flow suffers!

Flying The Flag – In this section, I give my opinion on who would be the best choice to represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Editorials – Ideas on how the Eurovision Song Contest can move forward are all given free reign in my editorials in which I discuss how the world’s best music event can be even better!

I really do hope you enjoy reading ASFE! Please feel free to comment, share and get in touch.


E-mail: asongforeurope.tk@gmail.com / Twitter: @ASFEurope / Facebook: Coming Soon!

6 Comments on “About ASFE”

  1. After Celine Dion, Katherine St-Laurent !

    Please give me your opinion on “Wrong to let you go” by Katherine St-Laurent.
    Thank you

  2. Thank you ! We are proud of us as we gave the idea to Etienne Drapeau to participate to the contest. Before that, he didn’t know the Eurovision contest at all ! Best of luck to everyone and hope to be in Switzerland soon !

    • TK says:

      Hi Renald,

      Wow! I had no idea you actually got him to send in a song. Well done! Are you involved in his participation in some way? Let him know that ‘Demande-Moi’ is fast becoming very popular amongst the Eurovision fans and that we are glad he’s in the competition. If you ever need any insights into the Eurovision Song Contest in any aspect, don’t hesitate to ask!



  4. valentinos michael says:

    The 57th Eurovision song contest is very near and the preparations are in the final stage. The Cypriot delegation leaves for Baku Azerbaijan tomorrow May 12th 2012.
    Cyprus will be represented this year by 18 year old Ivi Adamou with the song “La la love”
    Writers/composers : Alex Papaconstantinou, Bjorn Djupstrom, Alexandra Zakka and Viktor Svenssonr
    The five people to perform along with Ivi Adamou in Baku are:
    • Bjorn Djupstrom (vocalist)
    • Tatiana Demetriadou and Olga Pilaki (dancers)
    • Victoria Taylor and Wiveca Hartmann Knudsen (vocalists and dancers)
    The team in charge of the Cypriot number in Eurovision 2012 are Apollon Papatheocharis (director), Chali Jennings (choreographer), Helena Patroclou (vocal coach, Cypriot 1991 Eurovision representative), Grigoris Pirpylis (makeup), Stephanos Vasilakis (hair), Fani Xenofontos (fashion designer), Notis Panagiotou (styling), Li la lo (jewelery) and Malvina Markopoulou (Sony Music Greece representative). The Cypriot delegation will be fronted by Evi Papamichael and Kleitos Kleitou (head and deputy head of delegation respectively).

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